Apple has acquired startup Beddit

As it became known, Apple has become the new owner of a startup Beddit, which has been created for monitoring the quality of sleep 3 Beddit Sleep Monitor app for iOS and the Apple Watch.

Device 3 Beddit Sleep Monitor is placed under the sheet on the mattress, it is used to collect and analyze various data, in particular duration and sleep quality, heart rate. Also, the device captures the evenness of respiration, the presence/absence of snoring, the temperature and humidity of the air in the room. All data is transmitted to the mobile Apple device and the app displays precise statistics of your sleep.

Beddit Sleep Monitor 3 at the moment can be purchased for $ 150 on the Apple website, which plans to sell an accessory, but also to use the achievements Beddit to improve the functionality of their devices.

The financial side of the deal kept secret.



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