Apple has a new conflict with the government of India

At the time Apple received from the government of India certain preferences that allowed copertina to open flagship stores.

However, this does not mean that India refers to the Apple as something special. According to the source, now the company is under pressure from certain regulatory bodies.

The essence of the conflict is that Apple refused to preinstall on their smartphones special application with Do Not Disturb for protection against spam. It allows users to send to the regulatory authority comes to them spam, then the body communicates with the mobile operators who then take appropriate action. Often they simply block the spammers.

The app is seemingly good, but it requires access to the call log that Apple is perceived as a breach of confidentiality. It is unclear how the story ends, as the regulator at the moment, appealed to the public and «stakeholders» for consultation and review. But, as it is a public authority, for Apple history may be forced to install the mentioned software, as otherwise the company may have problems with the required business permits.



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