Apple halved orders for the iPhone 8 to the end of the year

Apple shares fell in price by 1.5% amid another wave of rumors about the poor demand for the iPhone 8 and the decrease in orders from the copertina.

As we recently reported, the past-generation iPhone is in high demand than the new, which earlier in Apple’s history has not happened. In addition, some sources claim that the company halve orders for iPhone 8 in November and December.

It is believed that the earlier half of the production capacity of partners Apple has been busy manufacturing the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and iPhone X. after Allegedly reducing the volume of orders at first, 60-70% of capacity by year-end will be busy with the upcoming flagship.

Recall that the X is scheduled for November 3, but so far all the rumors indicate that at the start of sales formed a serious shortage of devices.



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