Apple got 104% of the profits of the smartphone market

As we reported, the share of the smartphone market belonging to Apple, for the year decreased from 13.4% to 12.5%, as the sales of Apple iPhone has decreased from 48,0 to 45.5 million units, while the overall market grew by 1%. Meanwhile, if we consider profit as the end result of the market presence, Apple is superior to all other manufacturers.

According to the source, reference data analyst at BMO Capital Markets, Apple has received in the last quarter 103,6% of the operating profit of the industry. The result is greater than 100% of the profit earned by the industry due to the fact that the majority of producers suffered losses. A year ago, the figure of Apple was equal to 90%.

Samsung occupies first place in terms of smartphone shipments with a market share of 20.0%, received only 0.9% of the operating profit of the industry. This is less than last year. The analyst notes that the success of Apple is partly obliged to the difficulties faced in the last quarter Samsung. As you know, the South Korean manufacturer was forced to stop the sales of Galaxy Note7 and recall all the already sold devices due to reports of fires.



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