Apple failed to dismiss the action on the case of deliberate violation of the work ON FaceTime company a few years ago

At the beginning of year it became known that a few years ago, Apple deliberately violated the work ON FaceTime in iOS 6 and earlier versions of the operating system to force users to upgrade to iOS 7. Specifically, this charge was extended copertina.

According to the source, the company tried to dismiss, but it did not work. Well-known past Apple judge Lucy Koh (Lucy Koh) has decided that the users of iPhone 4 and 4s have the right to sue Apple regarding the issue on FaceTime.

The Apple arguments, the judge ruled not good enough. In particular, the company argued that the users did not suffer any financial losses associated with the disruption of FaceTime ON older versions of iOS since the software is free. By the way, this indirectly suggests that the offense of the Apple took place.



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