Apple explores the possibility of using the scroll wheel Digital Crown in smartphones and tablets

Smart watch Apple watch from competitors are not only operating system but also a control called the Digital Crown. It and the wheel, and a button that allows you to partially control the clock without touching the display.

On a wristwatch, even clever, such an element is appropriate, but a new Apple patent shows that the company is exploring the possibility of using the Digital Crown to other mobile devices.

To begin, we note that the first information about these patents appeared online in the summer. The first time the documents have described the possibility of using such element to control the volume and lock display. The second document that appeared in August, described the possibility of interface control using the Digital Crown. In the new patent describes how the implementation of tactile feedback for such control that would give the user a new experience in the management device. Apple already has a Taptic Engine that can be adapted so that the user could feel different kinds of vibrations at the control wheel. In theory the Digital Crown could be used in tablets and smartphones.

In practice, it is doubtful that Apple will endow a new smartphone or tablet such element. This will mean that users will need to learn new principles for the management of mobile devices, and often users do not want to do that.



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