Apple explained why some iPhone 6s yourself off

Recall that in November Apple launched the iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issues, in which some owners of iPhone 6s are free to replace the batteries of their devices.

Yesterday we published the latest information on this score, saying that the iPhone 6s can check whether their smartphone to obtain a free new battery, entering its serial number on the page of the program.

Apple has published an open letter explaining the reason for the unexpected shutdown of some smartphones: «We found that a small percentage of iPhone 6s, produced in September-October 2016, contains a rechargeable component that is exposed to ambient air longer than was necessary before he was packaged with the battery.»

«As a result, these batteries run down and fail faster than normal, and this leads to automatic shutdown under certain conditions, particularly at low temperatures. In this case, the iPhone 6s is disabled when the battery drops to 30% to protect the internal components of smartphone from low voltage».

Apple focuses on the fact that this issue does not pose a threat to the life and health of users.



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