Apple employees confirmed that the iPhone 8 will be frameless with built-in virtual buttons

In late August edition Mac Rumors said that the next iPhone, which is planned for 2017, will get a completely frameless display, which will extend from top to bottom and from left to right of faces.

In a review article dedicated to the iPhone 7, the journalist of the edition of The New York Times briefly mentioned the anniversary of the iPhone 8. According to him, Apple will not return to the 3.5 mm Jack. It also confirms that the new smartphone will get a display on the entire front panel, which will be built in virtual buttons. The author refers to a couple of Apple employees who for obvious reasons wanted to remain anonymous.

Presumably, the display also will be built in front camera, proximity sensor and led flash. If we are talking about displays of irregular shape with cutouts in the head immediately comes the Sharp Free Form Display, however rumors indicate that the supplier of the new OLED display will be Samsung.

Regarding the transition to OLED displays, we believe that only the highest version of the iPhone 8 is able to display a new type, while a minor version will continue to use LCD screen.



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