Apple does not agree with the verdict of Consumer Reports on new MacBook Pro

As we previously reported, the MacBook Pro release 2016 were the first devices of this line, which is a non-profit organization Consumer Reports did not recommend for purchase.

The main reason is that under the same conditions, the time of operation of the new laptops can range from 4-5 to 16-18 hours, with allowable fluctuations of Consumer Reports considers 5%.

In the social network Twitter senior Vice President of Apple worldwide marketing Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller) said that Apple, along with Consumer Reports is trying to deal with the situation.

«We are working with Consumer Reports to understand the results of their tests, said Schiller. Data Consumer Reports do not agree with the results of our lab tests and real reviews».

Representatives of Consumer Reports agreed to conduct re-tests, if Apple will release an update that will eliminate this variation in time of operation of the new MacBook Pro.



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