Apple devices have 64% of Americans

A fresh survey conducted by CNBC indicates that 64% of Americans own electronic devices of Apple. Compared to a similar survey conducted in 2012, Apple has strengthened its position by 14%.

87% of families with incomes of more than 100 thousand dollars have Apple devices. Every second family with an annual income that does not exceed 30 thousand dollars, also have Apple equipment.

In the average American family today, there are 2.6 Apple product. While the richest Americans in the family to 4.7 Apple devices but in the poorest, so to speak, there is at least one.

64% of respondents said that they spend with the iPhone time very productively, and 27% said that spending time with a smartphone without much use. The latter category includes young people and people with only secondary education. The rest of iPhone that helps in everyday tasks.



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