Apple denied the intention to buy music service Tidal

Apple has denied the rumors in which she attributed the intention to buy music service Tidal, owned by famous American rapper Jay-Z.

Moreover, the company generally does not intend to buy any service music broadcasting. This is evidenced by the words of Jimmy Iovine (Jimmy Iovine), who heads Apple Music, which leads the source.

«We actually run your own race,» said Iovine. «We are not going to purchase any streaming service.

Since Apple does not consider Tidal worthwhile purchase, it’s unlikely that the service will be of interest to another buyer, says the source. Last year the Tidal service ended with a loss of $ 28 million dollars. It’s twice as worse indicator for 2014, demonstrated before the company was bought by Jay Z. as for the number of paid subscribers, as of June them from Tidal, there were 4.2 million people. For comparison, Apple Music has 17 million subscribers, Spotify’s 40 million

Source: Business Insider



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