Apple decided to make a «Donath» in WeChat

To Apple can be treated in different ways, but it is undeniable that she is able to earn. This proves another case in China.

Popular in this country, the WeChat app (and not only it) has the function of allowing everyone to thank the developers of a module (WeChat supports third-party modules, as, in fact, an independent platform, not just app) monetary reward.

For understanding how internal transfers are popular, you should pay attention to the statistics. So, last Chinese new year in the system was carried out more transactions than PayPal for the entire 2015!

Last month Apple told developers that they should disable this feature to fit the rules of the App Store. However, later Apple reversed its decision. Instead of completely block popular feature, thus triggering a wave of indignation, the company decided to earn it.

Apple likened this capability to the app, and it automatically means that the company will receive 30% from each transaction.

However, not everyone shared the enthusiasm of Apple. Still, the desire to thank the developer does not equal the desire to purchase a particular digital product. One of the leaders of WeChat reportedly has appealed to the government for advice about whether the right to regard Apple «donut» as the purchase and take over this percentage. So, quite possibly, Apple will have to reconsider its decision and to answer for it in court.



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