Apple could borrow an idea Asus Padfone, providing an opportunity to integrate the iPhone into the laptop

In 2012, the company Asus, which previously experimented with different transformers and hybrids, introduced Asus PadFone. It can be inserted directly into the docking station keyboard, connects to a 10-inch tablet. Today, this idea is developed by different developers, it is enough to remember x3 HP Elite Lap Dock, Superbook or Superscreen.

The new patent received by Apple back in September of last year, describes an electronic accessory that looks like a laptop. In place of the touch panel has a recess, in which is embedded the iPhone. The smartphone performs the role of the touchpad.

The accessory has no own processor, RAM and flash memory is «empty», which includes only the display, keyboard and battery. The source suggests that Apple may include a separate graphics processor.

Source: USPTO



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