Apple claims that since the release of the first iPhone, the company has created over 2 million jobs in USA

In a recent article published on the website of The New York Times, speaks of a large positive impact on the US economy Apple.

Apple said since 2007, when the market came the first iPhone, the company created in the US over 2 million jobs. Apple employees in the United States today are more than 80 thousand people. 69 suppliers in 33 States engaged in the production and supply of the necessary components for its devices. Hundreds of thousands of programmers write SOFTWARE and create apps for iPhone and iPad.

The salary of a beginner who works in a call center for Apple is $30 thousand in the first test year. Then the salary increases to $45 thousand, as they are entitled to various rewards and bonuses. The average salary of employee is $77 thousand. Number of staff of the headquarters of Apple in Austin rose during this time by 400%.

Recall, the newly elected President Donald trump (Donald Trump) stated that it will force Apple to make its devices in the U.S., will impose a tax of 45% on imported from China products. The result was information that Apple is in discussion with Foxconn, the issue of moving the production of iPhone in America.



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