Apple can teach their smart watches to determine when the user is driving a car and limit their activity at this time

According to statistics, every year in road accidents because of a distraction has killed tens of thousands of people. And there is little doubt that in recent years the main reason for such accidents are smartphones. In addition, they may well have to join the smart watch.

Next patent from Apple shows that copertina working on features that would enhance the safety of drivers. In particular, work is being done on ways to limit the functionality of hours while driving in the car.

On the idea of Apple watch through the sensors will be able to determine that the owner is now driving. This activates a special mode in which the clock will show only the most important events without missing the other. The patent suggests how the ability to configure the blocking of certain alerts the user, and the lack thereof.

For example, the smart watch will automatically pair with the infotainment system of the car and preferences of a specific vehicle will determine the presence or absence of alarm on the clock while driving. All the «out» warning this will appear on the display of the machine.

Of course, ideally absolutely everything important alert from mobile devices driver must be routed to the on-Board system of the car, and is secondary and should not distract the user.



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