Apple can refuse to Qualcomm modems by going to Intel and even MediaTek

The years of the trial between Apple and Samsung do not prevent these companies operate extremely successfully. The first simply required a major supplier of some components, and the second gets through Apple’s additional revenue.

But the standoff between Apple and Qualcomm can lead to the fact that Cupertino giant will abandon production of the latter. According to the source, smartphones and tablets Apple, which will be released next year, will be equipped with Qualcomm modems. Their place will be Intel, which Apple has used, and also, interestingly, MediaTek.

The reason for this step supposedly lies not only in the fact of litigation between the companies. The source alleges that after the January lawsuit Qualcomm ceased joint development with Apple is necessary for the modems and now doing it herself. For Apple is it inconvenient, as the company tries to optimize the performance of hardware and software of their devices. However, Qualcomm reportedly already finished the development of modems for future Apple devices, and the latter in turn has managed to test them, so all this information should be treated with skepticism.



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