Apple can become a member of the largest technological investment Fund

Not so long ago it became known that the Japanese operator SoftBank, together with Saudi Arabia intends to create a huge investment Fund with capital of up to $ 100 billion. To participate in the creation of the Fund there will be other companies, but the main investments will be owned by Saudi Arabia ($45 billion) and SoftBank (at least 25 billion dollars).

According to the source, his modest, by the standards of the Fund, a contribution can make, and Apple. At the moment, copertina are in talks with SoftBank about the possibility of investment of $ 1 billion. Until some kind of final agreement the parties have not come, so that participation in the project at Apple is questionable.

Among other things, this move by Apple shows some changes in the strategy of the company, as it is often limited to the acquisition of various young companies or investment in such.

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