Apple bought the company PowerbyProxi, which specializiruetsya on the wireless charging

Apple became the new owner of the company PowerbyProxi, which has been 10 years of creating solutions for wireless charging of various devices, including equipment and drones.

PowerbyProxi has created a modular wireless waterproof charging system Proxi-Module that can be used in many different scenarios and products. Charging power reaches 100 W, and the efficiency of charging station is 91%.

In September, Apple unveiled a wireless charging station for smartphones and a smart watch that will be released next year. PowerbyProxi will allow Apple to produce more of these accessories, thereby increasing their efficacy.

In a brief formal statement, the founder of PowerbyProxi, Fade Mishriki (Fady Mishriki) stated that the whole team is glad to be part of a family Apple.

The transaction amount was not disclosed.



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