Apple bought the company Lattice Data, specializing in artificial intelligence technology

In October 2015, the company Apple bought the developer of self-learning voice recognition VocalIQ, and in August 2016, the company Turi working in machine learning. Last week it became known about another major purchase of Apple in this area. The next acquisition was the company Lattice Data, also specializing in artificial intelligence technology.

In particular, Lattice Data developing processing technology «dark» data (Dark Data). This term refers to texts, images, and other data collected but not used. According to some estimates, the majority of companies analyzes only 1% of the data available to them. The reasons for data collection can be different — from regulatory requirements to the expectation that these data will be useful in the future. In the industry a «dark data» in the large quantities generated by the sensors and telematics systems.

The transaction amount was not disclosed.

Source: Patently Apple



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