Apple bought Regaind, a French developer of software for analyzing images by means of the AI

The acquisition of young companies working in promising areas, typical of large manufacturers who intend to use the purchased design in their products or to prevent their utilization by competitors.

Apple doesn’t like to talk about such transactions confining formulaic phrase that from time to time she buys a small company without discussing your goals and plans. According to TechCrunch, this year Apple acquired the French software developer Regaind.

Presumably, development Regaind found application in the Photos app, the built-in iOS11, so that the application behavior has become more reasonable. It analyzes the content of images and uses this information to classify, sort and search.

Moreover, according to Regaind, algorithms implemented by the specialists of the company in API for machine vision applications, provide an opportunity to evaluate the technical and aesthetic aspects of the images. In particular, you can not only find similar images, but also choose the best of them, and can group images by theme and color characteristics. If the picture is the person, the program can determine its gender, age and emotional state. It is unclear to what extent the development Regaind already integrated in iOS11, but the acquisition gives Apple developer more freedom compared to licensing developments, so we can expect that the intelligence level components of iOS working with images, will increase.



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