Apple believed that the pear was too similar to Apple, and the courts have banned Technologies to Pear register your logo

The litigation between Apple and Samsung concerning the copying of a rectangle with rounded corners, has already become a byword. In fairness it should be noted that the first Galaxy S was really similar to the iPhone 3GS, though not enough to be able to talk about direct copying.

Anyway, now there’s a new reason for jokes about the «copying» of Apple ownership. This time the story begins in 2014, when the company Pear Technologies, specializing in software and services related to cartography, tried to register the logo in the form of a pear, which was quite logical, given the name of the company.

But at the end of the same year, Apple asked the court to ban the Pear Technologies, the registration of the logo as their punching bag allegedly too like Apple copertina. To compare the logos and to assess whether Pear Technologies tried to copy something from Apple, anyone can.

The proceedings lasted several years and finally ended. Ended with a victory for Apple! Perhaps lawyers in some countries in the future will be studying this case while training, perhaps someone it will seem a joke. Unfortunately, because of the uncertainty Pear Technologies, this business will not be too known.

Anyway, here it is necessary to explain the court’s decision. So, Pear Technologies in their defense pointed to the fact that the Apple and pear — a completely different fruit. Even mentioned the expression «it’s like comparing apples and pears», meaning the senselessness of the comparison are totally different things. The lawyers of Pear Technologies has been acknowledged in the logo of the company name that is radically different, not to mention a different color and integrity of the depicted fruit.

Legal experts, in turn, pointed to the similarity of visual elements in both logos, the presence there of the rounded silhouettes of the fruits as well as presence in the upper part of the logos of similar objects. However, they acknowledged that in the case of Apple located at the top of the leaf, and Pear Technologies — stalk. In the first case it is separated from the fruit, but not in the latter. Most absurd, perhaps, is the opinion of forensic experts that the presence of the inscription Pear Technologies logo not only makes more different logos, but rather strengthens their similarity! Allegedly the presence of the word «pear» only reinforces the similarity with the Apple logo by way of analogy, formed from the inhabitants.

Ultimately, the court decided on the ban on the registration of the above logo Pear Technologies. But that’s not all. The company tried to register a different logo shown below is trying to remove all those graphic details, which made the pear is similar to Apple in the court’s opinion.

However, this logo to register a company was not allowed, using the same arguments! You can argue objectively that the court’s decision, whether there was bribery or just Apple brilliant lawyers, but this is for Pear Technologies nothing will change.

At the moment Pear Technologies was renamed in Pear Technologу and uses the logo which can be seen below.



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