Apple asks India tax holiday for a period of 15 years and the abolition of customs duties on equipment, raw materials and components

As you know, in India there is a government initiative that allows foreign companies to open brand stores, if they produce at least 30% of its production in the country.

Apple is the only company that received the right to open a shop without having local production. But the resolution was issued with the condition that within two to three years, Cupertino giant still to start producing smartphones in India. Production should start in April, but, as it became known, Apple has its requests to the government of India in exchange for something that the partners will start producing in this country smartphones.

To begin, we note that it is not requirements and requests, so it is unclear why India should make concessions.

Especially because Apple wants a lot. For example, the company wants tax breaks on the import of components and equipment for a period of 15 years! The company also wants the abolition of customs duties on new and used equipment, which will be imported into the country. I want Apple the abolition of duties on raw materials and components.

The source notes that the government of India has not previously granted any concessions for other companies, which went to the local market. It is also worth noting that Apple now occupies only 2% of the smartphone market of India.



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