Apple argues that the system of Face ID during the presentation of the iPhone X is not failed

Senior Vice President, software development, Apple’s Craig Federighi (Craig Federighi), demonstrating the facial recognition system Face ID in the new iPhone X, faced with an unexpected situation. The smartphone has proposed to introduce a numerical password instead of having to remove the block at the sight of Craig.

Spiteful critics immediately said happily that the Face ID system operates imperfectly and Sabila directly during the presentation of new products, but Apple claims that it is not. Moreover, the system worked exactly as intended by the developers.

Previously used in the iPhone recognition system users on the fingerprint Touch ID was given five attempts, after which it was required to enter a password. Face ID allows only two attempts.

iPhone X, which used Craig in the course of the presentation, prior to this had been in the hands of different people, the resulting system, even «seeing» the owner first asked to enter the password, and then allowed to unlock the smartphone by scanning the faces of Craig federighi.



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