Apple appealed, not wanting to pay the European Union of 13 billion euros

In late August of this year the European Commission demanded that Apple to 13 billion euros of unpaid taxes. Underpayment was the result of an agreement with the Irish government, under which between 2003 and 2013, the effective rate of tax paid by the company decreased from 1% to 0.005%. Thus the rate of 12.5%, operating in Ireland, excluding benefits, and so is the smallest in the EU. It soon became known that the Irish Parliament agree to challenge the European Commission’s decision on collecting from the Apple 13 billion euros of unpaid taxes. Today, the company gave formal start to the process by making an appeal.

According to Apple, the regulators ignored the opinion of tax experts and corporate code by arbitrarily selecting a method of calculation which allowed to obtain the maximum amount of the fine. The company believes that it has become the object of persecution because of commercial success.

Source: Reuters



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