Apple announced the reason she has removed 3.5 mm Jack from the iPhone 7

During a BuzzFeed interview with the Vice-presidents of Apple Joswiak Greg (Greg Joswiak), Dan Riccio (Dan Riccio, Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller) said about the reasons for the new smartphone iPhone 7 lost
the 3.5 mm Jack.

«We removed this connector because I found a higher quality method of transmitting sound to the ear of the user, said Phil Schiller. — There is no connection with digital rights management (DRM, Digital Rights Management). This is the usual paranoid conspiracy theory».

Dan Riccio continued, adding that in the iPhone there is a small fee, which the developers call a Driver Ledge. She is responsible for the display and a lighting system. Usually it is placed near the main camera, but the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus due to the use of new camera modules for it, there was no space, so developers had to find a new one. In the end it is placed near the 3.5 mm connector, but then was revealed interference of different components, including audio. Then Apple is thinking about its liquidation.

Once the 3.5 mm plug was removed, Apple realized that developers can now easier to install a Taptic Engine for the Home button, pressure-sensitive, use high-capacity battery, and also implement water-resistant.

«The audio Jack for more than 100 years — said Joswiak. — The last major innovation associated with it, was implemented about 50 years ago. Know what it was about? They made it smaller. Since then, nothing has changed. It is a dinosaur. It’s time to move on.»

«We had this 50-year-old connector that is completely filled with air,» added Riccio. — He just stood there, taking up precious, precious space inside the phone.

Complete with every iPhone 7 comes adapter which lets you connect headphones with a 3.5 connector to the Lightning port.



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