Apple and Visa are accused of using other people’s patents in creating the Apple Pay service

Boston Universal Secure Registry (USR) has filed a lawsuit against Apple and Visa (and Visa U. S. A.). The plaintiff alleges that these companies violated patents related to the technologies and principles of authentication in its payment systems.

It is reported that the technology developed by the founder of USR Kenneth Weiss (Kenneth Weiss), is at the core of Apple Pay. The plaintiff said that in 2014, Apple server and payment network VisaNet, including Visa Token Service, has processed billions of transactions payment system, Apple Pay in the US.

The lawsuit says that in 2010, long before the launch of Apple Pay, Weiss turned to Apple and Visa partnership proposal. Including during a meeting with representatives of Visa last got the Weiss copy of his presentation, signing a confidentiality agreement. However, the talks ended in nothing. The plaintiff argues that based on his development in 2013 began a collaboration of Apple and Visa on payment service Apple Pay. In particular, Visa supposedly allocated for about 1,000 of its employees.

You would think that Weiss and his company are the usual patent trolls, but it is not. In the document, for example, stated that more than 150 million people worldwide rely on computer systems, security and authentication, such as SecurID tokens, developed by Weiss.



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