Apple and some other large U.S. companies are spending big money on the counter-making process «fair repair»

At the beginning of year it became known that the United States can make a law according to which device manufacturers will be obliged to sell parts and kits for independent workshops and end-users. This will give the last choice where to repair your device.

Later, Apple announced that it will interfere with the adoption of this law. One of the arguments was that the repaired low-skilled professionals smartphones and tablets later have a risk of ignition of the battery.

Source conducted an investigation regarding this issue and came to the conclusion that Apple and several other companies are actively trying not to miss this act. In particular, certain documents allowed us to learn that lobbying in this matter from January to April, the number of large U.S. companies spent a total of more than 366 000 dollars. These companies oppose the adoption of the «fair repair». The list includes Apple, Verizon, Toyota, Lexmark, Caterpillar, Asurion, Medtronic and others. For comparison, a coalition of Digital Right to Repair Coalition, representing the interests of independent repair shops, for the same period spent on lobbying 5042 dollar.



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