Apple and Samsung increased their sales of wearable electronics by 64.1% and 90.8%, respectively

IDC analysts have estimated the market of wearable electronics in the first quarter of this year. According to their data, only in the first three months were sold 24.7 million devices, which is 17.9% higher than a year ago.

First IDC put the company Xiaomi, which sold 3.6 million devices, occupying 14.7% of the market. In this case the manufacturer has reduced sales by 3.3% in annual terms. In second place is Apple with the same 3.6 million devices, but with a 14.6% market share. Cupertino giant for the year managed to increase sales by an impressive 64.1 percent.

Closes the three leaders of Fitbit with a share of 12.3%. The company has managed to supply 3 million devices, which is 37.7% lower than a year earlier. Next is Samsung (of 1.4 million units, a 5.5% market growth at 90.8%) and Garmin (1,1 million units, 4.6% market growth by 1.6%).

All the other manufacturers in the year boosted sales of 43.9%.


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