Apple and IKEA will develop an augmented reality app for furniture selection

Neither brilliant or not idea does not make sense as long as it does not begin to use at least in some form.

At a recent Apple event a lot of time devoted to technology of augmented reality, but they exist in the market for several years and delight shown at the conference does not mean practical application.

However, Apple will soon be able to offer their customers at least one interesting option. The company started to cooperate with IKEA, which hardly needs any introduction. Within the cooperation the company will create a special augmented reality app that will allow IKEA customers to evaluate how a particular piece of furniture will look in their home.

Like we showed in the first presentation of the project Tango a couple of years ago. And indeed, IKEA offers customers a similar capability, implemented through any web-camera.

For some reason, a company representative States that this will be the first such application AR. Whatever it is, start planning in the fall after the release of iOS 11. IKEA promises about 600 three dimensional models of their products.



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