Apple and Broadcom two years working on wireless charging technology for iPhone

JPMorgan analyst Harlan sur (Harlan Sur) reports that Apple and Broadcom in the past two years working on wireless charging technology for smartphones iPhone.

However, he immediately adds that the innovation may not appear in the anniversary of the iPhone 8 that will be released this year. Manufacturer worried about the potential problems with the battery and possible large-scale withdrawal of smartphones. Apple wants 100% to ensure reliability and security of the new technology. Harlan sur also added that the glass back of the smartphone is more suitable for wireless charging than metal.

Recently KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) said that all three new Apple smartphone that will be released this year will receive support wireless charging technology. And Japanese edition Macotacara claims that wireless charging will be equipped with only one five-inch model with OLED display. It is also reported that the wireless charger will not be included in the standard delivery.



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