Apple acquires Gliimpse responsible for analyzing and processing medical data

According to sources, Apple has acquired the young company Gliimpse, specializing in the analysis of data on the health status of the person.

Gliimpse allows you to collect various medical information about users and combine it into a single unit, adding various third-party documents, images and so on. Subsequently, these data can be used in the form of a complete picture of third-party applications or sent, for example, to the attending physician.

Moreover, the creators offer a Gliimpse anonymously «donate» for the development of the service my medical data even if the application itself you are not going to use.

Apple, as always, does not comment on rumors, but a source says that the acquisitions occurred at the beginning of the year, but became aware of it only now. For copertina opportunities Gliimpse, given the recent development vectors, will not be superfluous. Also a fun fact is that the service Creator once worked at Apple, although it was back in the eighties.



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