Apple acknowledges that the iPhone 7 in the color Jet Black is easy to scratch

One of the most interesting color options of the new smartphone iPhone 7 was a glossy black, which received the official name Jet Black.

Apple said that to achieve this appearance, she managed with the help of completely new technological process, which includes nine stages of anodizing and polishing.

iPhone 7 in the color Jet Black only comes in versions with 128 or 256GB flash memory, however, there is another important point to consider for those who look for a new smartphone in this color option.

Here’s what it says about iPhone 7 Jet Black at the official site: «the surface of the case is as solid as other Apple products with anodized housings. However brilliant the latter may be clearly visible micro-scratches from use. If you are worried on this account, we recommend that you use one of the many available cases to protect your smartphone».

That is, you need to decide to go with a shiny body covered with scratches, or to hide this beauty in the case.

About the reasons that prompted Apple to remove it from your smartphone 3.5 mm plug, you can read here.

the iPhone 7 will go on sale September 16.



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