Apple accused of tax evasion in New Zealand for 10 years, with turnover of $4.2 billion

Last year, Apple turned around a scandal involving the tiny rate of tax that the company paid for 10 years in Ireland.

As it turns out, a similar situation exists in New Zealand, where the total sales of the devices over the last 10 years amounted to about 4.2 billion dollars. One of the founders of the green Party (Green Party United States) James Shaw (James Shaw) said that all this time the company has not paid taxes in New Zealand.

«I can’t understand how Apple all this time, did not pay taxes in the country, he said. — I really like Apple products, it is truly innovative. However, it seems that Apple lawyers are even more innovative than the designers of the company».

In the course of the investigation surfaced one-time payment of income tax in the amount of 37 million dollars, which actually has been forwarded to the tax office of Australia. If Apple were to pay New Zealand tax in the same manner in which it works in other countries, the company had to pay $ 356 million over the past 10 years.



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