Appeared the first test results of the 18-core processor Intel Core i9-7980XE

As you know, now the seat of the most productive consumer processor is Ryzen Threadripper 1950X. But Intel has not yet released their older CPU family Skylake-X, which is headed by 18-core Core i9-7980XE.

And today in the network appeared the first test results of this processor. Note that we don’t know, did the tested commercial sample or pre-production.

Anyway, to the CPU a little, so it is clearly not about some early engineering versions. So, the results can be seen in the charts below.

As you can see, in most cases, the advantage of the new flagship of Intel over the rest of the CPU is quite significant. However, all this test and most of it to real use scenarios such CPU has nothing to do. But even these tests allow us to understand that Core i9-7980XE has a huge potential and needs to be replaced Ryzen Threadripper 1950X the post the most productive consumer processor. Although we should not forget that the new Intel is estimated at $ 2000 and about any direct competition with AMD solutions in this case speech does not go.



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