Appeared the first images of a fully frameless smartphone Sharp

Who does not like Sharp needs to show fully frameless smartphone. After all, this company several years ago introduced a line of Sharp Aquos, which was released its first smartphone, deprived of a framework on three sides of the display.

In fact, Xiaomi with its Xiaomi Mi Mix, which was released last fall, only repeated what had already made Sharp. But today is a new frameless smartphones somehow compare it with the brainchild of Xiaomi.

According to the source, at the moment, Sharp released 28 devices with very thin frames. Executive Director Sharp Mobiles Lou Gongcheng (Luo Zhongsheng) said that this year they will release a fully frameless smartphone, adding: «I bet by the end of December you will all have to change their smartphones [our]».

Details about the device yet, but the Network has already appeared the first image, whereby the display will occupy the entire front part of the smartphone.

The design of the front camera conjures up thoughts about the smartphone Essential PH-1. The main camera is dual, its modules arranged vertically.

The source adds that the iPhone 8 should get a very similar design.



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