Appeared the first image of the smartphone Moto Z new generation

Smartphones Moto Z was introduced in June last year. That is quite soon to expect output devices of the second generation. And in the Internet appeared the first image novelties.

As you can see, externally, the smartphone will change slightly. This was certainly worth the wait, as Lenovo has promised to retain the support of existing modules, so much can change in shape and size, the manufacturer simply was not possible.

It is possible to note the changed shape of the fingerprint scanner. It was the same as the new Moto G5. It is possible to expect that it will be not only dactyloscopus, like the Moto Z the current generation, but also touch key the same as that of Moto G5.

It is also worth noting that the first picture of the product was actually published in late February. Here it is:

By mistake all took the device for Moto G5, which was announced on the same day. But the shape of the flash is different from G5. So even then we showed a new Moto Z, but no one noticed.

As for the parameters. You can expect a screen of the same size (5.5 inch), 835 Snapdragon SoC and a very slim body. In addition, it is possible that this smartphone will appear under the Motorola brand.


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