Appeared tests APU AMD A12-9800. The CPU is not impressive, but the efficiency is surprising

In early summer, AMD has introduced the mobile processors generation Bristol Ridge. About the beginning of deliveries of desktop manufacturer announced on 5 September. They use the CPU socket AM4, which will also be used and solutions generation Zen.

From an architectural point of view, Bristol Ridge does not carry anything new. They contain processor cores Excavator, familiar to us on Carrizo mobile APUS, as well as the usual GPU GCN 1.2. In principle, it is not very clear why AMD has released this generation with the imminent release of the Zen, but we have what we have.

At the time of the announcement of any of the characteristics of AMD called. APU Bristol Ridge is not yet available to buy retail, but in the Network appeared the test hybrid CPU A12-9800. Let’s start with its parameters. APU carries four processing cores with frequency of 3.8/4.2 GHz and a GPU with 512 stream processors, which operates at a frequency up to 1108 MHz, which is very a lot for APU. This limits the TDP of only 65 watts. That is, energy efficiency and AMD has a job.

You can not say about the performance, judging by the tests. But it’s not supposed to happen, no miracle, given the architecture.

So, the new product was compared with the APU A10-7870K, which contains four cores with a frequency of 3,9/4,1 GHz and the same GPU with 512 stream processors, but with a frequency of 866 MHz. And consumes this hybrid processor is 95 watts, so the difference is impressive. The results of the tests, you can see through the chart below.

As you can see, the processor performance difference is small, but the GPU performance is more prominent, which is good due to the impressive difference in frequencies. Also noteworthy is noticeably smaller temperature new APU under load and is really quite a low TDP like the hybrid processor with such a powerful graphics core. It is a pity that the generation of the Bristol Ridge came out a few years ago.



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