Appeared on the market the Ryonghung IPad tablet, which Apple is unlikely to ban

Apple is very zealously protect their rights and development, though not always, the court ultimately agrees with supercinski giant. Anyway, even in China with its characteristics Apple is not afraid to go to court.

But it is unlikely at this time, the company takes action against those who launched a tablet called iPad. The fact that the company Myohyang IT Company, created the model Ryonghung IPad, is in North Korea.

The device itself is not particularly interesting. It is equipped with a Quad-core SoC, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB of flash memory, eight-inch screen and a battery that will last for six hours. The device has a network adapter, but no accurate data. In any case, the people of North Korea are not available to the global Internet.

It is known that the tablet has more than 40 applications, of which there are calculator, health encyclopedia and associated with agriculture.

Apple has not commented on this fact.



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