Appeared details about the processor the Cortex-A75, Cortex-A55 and GPU Mali-G72

Processor cores Cortex-A53, the company ARM introduced in 2012. That is, five years ago! However, the first single chip system on the basis of these nuclei appeared only in 2014, but it’s still considerable time for this kind of solutions. Together with them was presented and high-performance Cortex-A57. And if the first has already changed the first Cortex-A72, and then Cortex-A73, Cortex-A53 continue to be the basis for modern single-chip systems.

And finally, the Network appeared information about their successors. The new kernel will be called Cortex-A55. To begin, we note that the data shared resource Videocardz, and the format indicates, they are taken directly from documents ARM. In addition, the source has removed the news, which may indicate an imminent announcement.

So, Cortex-A55, the assurance ARM, will provide a 15% greater energy efficiency and twice the performance compared to the predecessor. Of course, in the second case, this refers to the maximum growth. If you take the average, focusing on the chart most ARM, it makes sense to talk about the increase of about 20-30%, which is also good. Cortex-A55 can be used in conjunction with Cortex-A75 in the technology big.LITTLE.

Cortex-A75 — another new kernel, but specific to the high-performance segment. It will replace the Cortex-A73, which have not really had time to settle in serial solutions. Cortex-A75 in comparison with the predecessor should provide more than a 20% advantage in performance in most tasks.

In addition, ARM has prepared a new GPU Mali-G72. It will provide 40% better performance and 25% greater energy efficiency compared to the predecessor.

To announce new items ARM maybe the day after tomorrow. How long will it take to have a first system on a chip based on the new cores is unknown. But in recent years such developments are introducing much faster than before.



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