Appeal rejected by Qualcomm, a company can expect a fine of 580 000 euros per day

Qualcomm was under threat of a fine in the amount of 580 000 euros for each day of delay, not timely because it was provided by the European antitrust regulator requested information.

The European Commission accuses Qualcomm to use unfair methods of competition against British developer Icera. Last month, Qualcomm appealed but it was rejected.

According to the manufacturer, to perform the requirements of the antitrust agencies need to do a tremendous amount of work and incur considerable expense. Latest Qualcomm estimates no less than 3 million euros because it will have to use more than 50 employees and 16 third-party advisers.

The court considered these explanations unconvincing, because the financial condition of the appellant and its position in the market, such costs are not threatened. In addition, according to the court, nothing prevents Qualcomm to try to recover these costs in court.

Source: Reuters



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