App Prisma learns to work without Internet connection

In June, the App Store was released which became later very popular app for image processing Prisma, which was created by Alexios Moiseenkova. Later it appeared in Google Play.

In Prisma the original image is analyzed using self-organizing neural network into the cloud, after which the application rebuilds the image in the newly selected style. As a result of the large load on the servers processing the image can take tens of seconds.

This week the developers updated Prisma for iOS, saying that in version 2.4 of the app learned how to run without Internet connection. At this stage of the 35 of filters available in the offline mode are available 16. Initially, the developers have stated that the iPhone 6s processing takes two and a half seconds, and the iPhone 6 about three seconds. It was later published clarification that the iPhone 6s does the job in about six seconds.

The main goal pursued by the creators of the Prisma at the moment is to free the server resources for processing videos. This functionality will be added to Prisma in the near future.

The Prisma application was downloaded from the App Store and Google Play more than 52 million times, a daily user base of applications exceeds 4 million people.


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