App DJI Smart TV will allow owners of Samsung Tizen TV and Apple TV to enjoy videos taken by drones in different parts of the world

Company DJI, is a market leader in consumer drones, has announced the availability of its first television service. It is available in app form for smart TV Samsung Tizen TV and Apple TV.

App DJI Smart TV allows users to watch a variety of photos and videos in 4K, shot in various locations around the world. Note that the existing generation Apple TV don’t support 4K video, so users of such devices will not be able to fully evaluate the materials.

In a press release stated the following: «We can easily fly and shot aerial footage with our drones, and now with the DJI Smart TV application authors will have more opportunities to share your work with the world». This suggests that DJI for recharge service with new video with the photos will make the materials from third-party users. However, this document does not say.

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