AOC presented five displays with matrixes IPS, 100-percent coverage of sRGB and a thin part

The company AOC has introduced five new displays, which are combined using matrix IPS and the ability to display 100% of sRGB and 90% of NTSC. Model I2490VXQ/BT and I2490PXQU/BT is equipped with a 24-inch panel, and the monitors I2790VQ, I2790PQU and Q2790PQU 27-inch. The entire line is characterized by a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, although Q2790PQU/BT here distracting from the overall series with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Models have a similar design with a thin display framework that simplifies the configuration of multiple monitors. Static contrast ratio is stated at 1000:1, 4ms response time, brightness is 250 CD/m2, although there Q2790PQU/BT again stands out (350 CD/m2). Monitors I2490VXQ and I2790VQ got simplified stand that allows you to adjust only the inclination in the range of -3.5 º to +19.5 º, other devices can translate in portrait mode, rotate within ±20º and to adjust the height in the range of 130 mm.

Video inputs to digital HDMI and DisplayPort added analog D-Sub. Modulation of the backlight does not use PWM, DC power supply eliminates ripple, which creates additional eye strain. Mode Low Blue Light reduces the blue part of the spectrum, and this can be useful when working later in the day. The price of new products is increasing from 12 to 20 thousand rubles, the older model is estimated in 29 thousand roubles.



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