AOC monitors PDS241 and PDS271 created in collaboration with designers F. A. Porsche

Presents AOC monitors PDS241 and PDS271, the design of which was developed jointly by engineers of the company TPV Technology and designers Bureau F. A. Porsche. Such cooperation led to the creation of extremely slim monitors, the thickness of the display unit not exceeding 5.2 mm, and the thin frame of the screen are hidden under the glass cover and the display panel.

The functionality of the stand, as often happens in such goods, sacrificed in the design of the stand allows only tilt the monitor, but it comes with combo cable combines power cord and HDMI, which are separated in a separate box, and it is not possible to remove from sight. The idea is to minimize the number of cables on the desktop, because they can lubricate the impression of the idea of «bezremontnoy».

AOC monitors PDS241 and PDS271 are based on the panels AH-IPS a diagonal of 23.8 and 27 inches, only the diagonal lies the difference between them. Panel resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is characterized by a static contrast ratio of 1000:1, peak brightness of 250 CD/sqm and a response time of 4 MS. Besides stated coverage 100% color space sRGB and 90% of NTSC. Light with DC power eliminates visible to the eye pulsation, and the Low Blue Light feature reduces the amount emitted in the blue part of the spectrum of light. AOC displays PDS241 and PDS271 will be available in June at a price and 22300 16300 rubles, respectively.



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