Any voice assistant, you can cheat using ultrasound

It is easy to see that the producers actively promote various voice assistants. Perhaps it is because they will eventually grow up the same artificial intelligence that we used to see in movies and books.

Anyway, these technologies have still a very long way of development. For example, it became known that the voice assistant is very easy to «hack».

The team of Zhejiang University, using technology that they called DolphinAttack managed without problems cheat all existing voice assistants. The technology is very simple. It converts the usual sound command, like «Ok, Google» ultrasonic with frequency over 20 kHz. The human ear is often unable to perceive such high frequency, but the microphones in the various devices can hear them without any problems. And react accordingly.

Scientists have been able to get mobile PC to call on the mentioned numbers to run various programs, open websites and so on. The team even had a navigation system Audi Q3 new route. And all these teams the potential victim to hear will not. Naturally, this opens really huge opportunities for hackers and not only.

This vulnerability is typical for all voice assistants, and probably for all relevant devices, so producers need in the near future to give this matter attention.


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