Antitrust authorities in South Korea suspect Google that it prevented the emergence of competitors of the Android OS

As you know, Tizen operating system was originally marketed by Intel and Samsung as a competitor to Android. Competitor failed and is now stuck Tizen only Samsung smart watches and appliances from the same company.

It could be otherwise? Some believe that could. Thus, the Antimonopoly Agency of South Korea intends to investigate the question of pressure Google on Samsung to prevent the emergence of a competitor to Android.

In 2011, Google and Samsung have signed an agreement concerning mobile applications. In the framework of Samsung received the opportunity to completely free to use Android and all Google services, but instead had to arrange the apps the search giant on your home screen to use Google search by default and preinstalled on all smartphones 12 programs Google. Then, in this context, two leading Korean information resource submitted to the Antimonopoly service complaints, but the case was closed for lack of evidence.

It should be noted that details about the agreement between the two companies became known only in may last year, and that was the reason for the resumption of the investigation. Among other things, the agreement forbade Samsung to develop a new operating system that uses «algorithms Android».

If it had the agreement of direct relevance to Tizen, is unclear. But it cannot be excluded that the contract with Google has led to the fact that Tizen eventually developed very slowly, and its range was limited to just a few countries, if we talk about the smartphone market.

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