Antitrend clothing, shoes and accessories 2018

Every girl strives to look fashionable and modern. Of course, this is facilitated by the fashion magazines, the images of popular bloggers and the shows of famous designers. But very often in the pursuit of fashion girls cross a thin line and the images become tasteless. That is why we have selected for you a list of antitrend, which should not be purchased in 2018.

Antitrend clothing 2018

Last year the stylists drew attention to the fact that every girl needs to be a basic wardrobe of neutral colors. Only after he is formed, it is necessary to acquire additional colored things that you can use as an accent in the image. As for 2018, the trend has changed. Therefore, we propose to draw attention to the fact that has got the list of antitrend.

Embroidery on clothing

Then, more recently, pleasing modern fashionistas, now goes by the wayside. It is on the embroidery, which is used literally everywhere. In spring and summer, it could be seen not only jeans, shorts, t-shirts and shirts but in outerwear and even shoes, accessories. Therefore, in 2018, should give up such a decoration, and pay attention to plain products. Appropriate decorations will only be on vacation.

Ripped jeans

Torn jeans has always been an ambiguous attitude. This is not surprising because every fashionista has their own preferences. Besides, last year there were too many active decor. Therefore, in 2018, these jeans are considered a sign of a bad taste. And in their place you may safely purchase plain denim.

Coat oversize style

This style of clothing quickly became popular. This is not surprising because it can be used to correct the shortcomings figures. As for the coat, such clothing allows you to create multi-layered images and wear warm sweaters.

Despite the very significant advantages in 2018 stylists recommend to abandon such clothing. Will be replaced by the fitted models, which emphasize the harmony and elegance of the female figure. Of course, such changes were not ready in many, so if you want you can complement a coat with a belt to emphasize the waist.

Real fur

The trend on all coats will also be relevant in 2018. However, in contrast to the classical version, the designers propose to choose faux fur. Primarily this is due to the ethical treatment of animals. In addition, thanks to new technology, now there are more warm, high-quality materials.

Skinny jeans

The fact that in the last year were must-haves, today classified among antitrend. We are talking about skinny skinny jeans. Despite the fact that they prefer many fashionable women, this year these jeans you can safely hide on the back shelves. They are replaced by products with a more loose silhouette, and contrast panels and be sure the high waist.



A few years ago leather jackets-leather jackets in black color was chosen only lovers biker theme. But over time, they have ranked a number of basic things that should be every girl. This jacket combined with absolutely everything from jeans and ending with romantic dresses.

However, despite the popularity, in 2018, the jacket is irrelevant. This is especially true of products in black color. However, if you like it this cut, then look at the models in bright, juicy colors.

Tuxedo pants

Some of last year’s trends fashionista and not appreciated. For example, pants with stripes, designers offer to combine not only with sneakers and sneakers. In the fashion shows were presented quite a lot of images where pants are worn with shoes and sandals heels. This combination is very controversial, so the ladies did not appreciate this trend. As for 2018, the tuxedo pants are now considered a reverse trend.

Antitrade in footwear and accessories 2018

Waist bag

Unlike many trends, this from the beginning was ambiguous attitude. Because such handbag is a kind of reference to the past. Someone praised the decision, others did not pay attention to it. However, fashion is changing rapidly and now the bags were again not relevant.


This type of shoes was originally estimated, not all girls. However, those who like it, always say that it is the most comfortable shoes. Undoubtedly, this is true, but in 2018 it is better to look at other options. For example, for high classic boots or shoes.

Accessories of the same color

Once this combination was considered an indicator of taste and sense of style. Today the stylists call it a real bad taste. So pay attention to hats, scarves and gloves in different shades. Feel free to combine them and only then the image will be really fashionable.

Ankle socks

It would seem that these shoes have recently become urgent. Nevertheless, it is considered a reverse trend. The fact that this is absolutely not a universal option, and it is simply impossible to wear in everyday life. So they quickly went out of fashion.


Despite the fact that backpacks have become a real hit last year, now they have become a reverse trend. Surely you noticed that in fashion shows they are extremely rare. As a replacement stylists offer to look to a ladylike clutch bags or bags with clean lines.


The return of this accessory in fashion happy many girls. He was actively worn in the past year, combining even with office and evening outfits. But as we know, fashion is fleeting and this year this accessory is considered to be a reverse trend.

As you can see, it is very important to think not only about current news in the world of fashion, but also about antitrend. Thanks to this list, even budding fashionista will know what things not to buy.

And you consider fashionable trends in shopping?

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