Antec A30, A40 Pro, and C40 C400 — budget CPU coolers of the tower type

Company Antec in the year of its 30th anniversary, continues to expand the range not only of buildings but also of CPU coolers. Thus, the company again introduced four new coolers for CPU — A30, A40 Pro C40 and C400. New items represent a universal solution, reasonably quiet and relatively inexpensive — the cost varies from 14 to 40 euros.

Antec A30 is designed for use with the Intel and AMD processors in LGA775, 1156, 1155, 1151, 1150, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, FM2, and FM2+. The design of the device includes two copper heat pipes 6 mm in diameter, directly contact with CPU, heatsink with dimensions of 43 x 86 mm fan diameter 92 mm, illuminated blue led.

Propeller rotates at up to 1750 rpm It creates an air flow 36 CFM while the noise level to 20 dBA. Weight of Antec A30 equals 300 grams.

Antec A40 Pro is compatible with the same processors and CPU in the performance of socket LGA1366. This model looks interesting. Although there is used the fan is the same diameter as in the Antec A30, copper pipes in direct contact with the CPU, four. More and heatsink, so weight is 470 grams.

The fan in the Antec A40 Pro rotates at a speed of 800-2200 rpm, creating air flow 38 CFM while the noise level 16-23 dBA.

Antec C40 differs from the model of Antec A40 Pro all-copper base and heat pipes with Nickel. The C40 a little more weight — 530 grams.

The most interesting and the largest CPU cooler out of the four, C400, also received a fully copper base and four heat pipes, but the fan is more — with a diameter of 120 mm. This propeller rotates at a speed of 800-1900 rpm, creating air flow up to 77 CFM at a noise level of 20.3 to 34.5 dBA.

Antec C400 weight is 830 grams.

Sources: Techpowerup, Alternate



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