Announced the Asus Hyper M. 2 x16 Card to create a RAID using SSD format M. 2

Asus has unveiled a device Hyper M. 2 x16 Card. We wrote about him in late spring, when the producer showed it at Computex.

Recall is an expansion card with a PCIe interface, which has four connectors for plugging in the SSD format M. 2. Through this solution, Asus offers you to create RAID arrays, but there are nuances.

Initially users will be available only to the possibility of creating RAID 0. To create a RAID 1 or RAID 5 will have to buy a special dongle that cost about 100 and 300 dollars respectively.

New Asus supports Intel VROC (Virtual RAID on CPU) is a software implementation of RAID. Spring stated that the Board can only work with SSD from Intel, but until such data on the Asus website there. But there is a list of motherboards which are compatible Hyper M. 2 x16 Card. It consists purely of Asus in the amount of eight pieces, all of it is quite expensive model. Will the new product work with other motherboards, is unclear, but this list hints at what will not.

Board sizes are 202 x 96 x 13 mm. It has a small fan. Unfortunately, the cost of the device and the date of start of sales is still unknown.



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