Announced the amount that you spend on video content Hulu, Amazon and Netflix

We have already reported that next year the company Facebook intends to spend one billion dollars to attract original video content to compete with other streaming companies. Similar costs on original video content next year planned and Apple. How much spending by the largest companies who have been working in this direction?

CEO of Hulu Mike Hopkins (Mike Hopkins) said during the last press conference that this year, Hulu will spend $ 2.5 billion on video content. Plans for next year Mike Hopkins was announced.

As for Netflix, the company this year allocated about $ 6 billion on content, and next year the cost will be increased to $ 7 billion.

According to unconfirmed information, the Amazon this year to spend on video content about 4.5 billion dollars.

I should add that in the case of Facebook and Apple we are talking about original content, and amounts announced for Hulu, Amazon and Netflix also apply to licensed content.



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